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Hey Snow Lovers!

Guess what? Winter’s not just about hot cocoa and Netflix binges. It’s also the perfect time for some cool outdoor adventures – like building your own Quinzhee hut! If you’re scratching your head wondering, “Quin-what?”, then you’re in for a treat. Quinzhee huts are these awesome snow shelters that are fun to make and super practical too.

Building Your Snow Palace

Let’s get into how you can build your very own winter wonderland:

  1. Spot Hunting: First things first, find a nice flat spot. Make sure it’s safe from things like avalanches. You want adventure, not danger!
  2. Snow Piling: Now, channel your inner child and pile up that snow. Think of it as a giant, messy snowman. Make it a bit bigger than you think your hut should be.If you are hiking into a remote area, carry a foldable emergency snow shovel that folds up neatly and compact which is easy to hang on a backpack or leave it in your car or truck when not in use.
  3. Chill, Literally: Let your mound sit for a bit. This lets the snow get nice and firm. Go have a snowball fight or something while you wait.
  4. Stick It to The Snow: Grab some sticks, about as long as your forearm, and poke them into the mound. These are your guides to make sure the walls of your hut are thick enough.
  5. Digging Time: Here’s where it gets real. Start digging out your hut, keeping those stick guides in mind. Start your dig at the lowest possible depth, then as you enter the pile dig upwards about a foot or so if possible. This will help create a “cold sink”. Cold will settle to the lowest point. You’re basically carving out your cozy snow room.
  6. Breathing Room: Poke a little hole at the top for ventilation. Because, you know, breathing is pretty important.
  7. Make it Homey: Smooth out the walls so when the start to melt (from your body heat) the water runs down the walls instead of dripping on you.Smooth out the floor inside and maybe build a little snow bench if you have room. Throw in a sleeping pad and sleeping bag, and voilà!, you are ready to survive the night. If this is an emergency situation and you do not have a sleeping pad or sleeping bag, you need to do the following. Find some pine trees or firs and break off some limbs and boughs to put on the area you intend to lay. you do not want to lie directly on the snow as it will “siphon” the heat from your body. You want to use the boughs as an insulating barrier between yourself and the snow. You can also place some of the boughs against the doorway to help block some of the potential draft.

Stay Safe, Stay Warm

  • Buddy Up: Always build with a friend. It’s safer and way more fun.
  • Weather Wise: Keep an eye on the weather. You don’t want your hard work ruined by a sudden storm.
  • Hole Patrol: Check on that ventilation hole now and then. Gotta keep that fresh air flowing!

Why Quinzhees Rock

  • Emergency BFF: If you ever get stuck in the snow, a Quinzhee could be a lifesaver.
  • Easy-Peasy: Seriously, anyone can make these. No pro skills needed.
  • Snug as a Bug: Snow insulates like a champ. You’ll be surprised how warm it gets in there.

Wrap Up

So, there you have it – your guide to building a Quinzhee hut. Next time you’re out in the snow, give it a try. It’s a blast, and you get to create your own little snowy hideout. Just remember, safety first, fun always. Happy building, and stay warm out there!

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