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Watching Alewives underwater at fish ladder with the help of an underwater action camera.

Enjoy watching Alewives begin their migration upstream into Damariscotta Lake where they will spawn and then return to the ocean. Alewives generally run thru Damariscotta around Mother’s Day, depending on the weather. Sometimes the run will start later if the weather is cold and rainy. If you know someone who may enjoy Watching Alewives Underwater, please feel free to share.
 Damariscotta Mills has a website that explains more about the historic Fish Run and the restoration efforts to keep the run open to public access as well as functional for the Alewives. You can find their website at Damariscottamills.org.
 The website does a great job letting everyone know when the Alewives have been spotted out in the bay and the progression of the full run.

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