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Fishing Line Doesn't last forever
Bad fishing line can really let you down.

That Time Of Year

I have the itch to go fishing! But as I look out the window I still see piles of snow scattered all over my lawn. Does that stop me? Nope. So I grab my fishing pole and head out to the closest body of water (which happens to be a stream). As I pull up to the side of the road I remember not to pull to far off the edge. I don’t know if the frost has left the ground yet, But I don’t want to find out the hard way. I look down at the water and see ice chunks zipping past. The water is way high for this area. I knew at that moment, I wasn’t gonna catch any fish. I’d be lucky to get a nibble or two.

Wow, That’s Cold

I grab my gear and start down over the bank. As I cross over a small snowbank I get a little snow into my boot, It’s Cold!! It’s not as warm here by the water as it was in my driveway. I start wondering just how bad do I really want to fish? Oh well, I’m here so I might as well fish some. I get out my worms and start to bait the hook.

Here Fishy Fishy

After that, I cast out into the stream. My cast zips out like it is gonna be a perfect cast.. NOT! The hook sails thru the air and about half way to the anticipated landing spot the line snarls up and the hook jerks to a stop, Snapping the worm off the hook in the process. UGH!
I get the line reeled back in and bait the hook for the second time and attempt a second cast. This time it casts out and doesn’t snarl up. However, as I slowly reel the line in I can feel the drag in the line. It’s a skipping type of sensation. The line is old and it is extremely curly. For about 15 min I reel in and cast out and repeat. The casting and reeling is still not smooth, still hitching.I try an old last effort trick and dunk the reel in and out of the water in rapid succession. It doesn’t work, I need to reline the reel with some new line.

I Need New Fishing Line

In my haste to get out and fish, I failed to get my fishing gear in good working order. Maybe this day will satisfy my fishing craving until I can get my gear up to par. Nothing would be worse then to hook onto a 15-16 inch brook trout and have my reel act up and I lose the fish.
So here I am back home, Looking online for a good buy on fishing line and maybe a new reel (not sure yet about the reel), And thought I’d write a quick entry here. Maybe I can remind someone to get their fishing gear set up before heading out to your fav. brook, stream, pond or lake this year.
And in case your wondering, I settled for Berkley Trilene XL 6 lb test 330 yard spool.