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You wouldn’t think there were many different ways you could go winter camping. Here are 4 ways that are the most popular styles of winter camping. In no particular order. Only the most hardcore winter campers would do the last one listed on purpose.

Truck Cap Winter Camping

Truck cap winter camping is pretty straight forward. You place a truck cap on the bed of your truck and use the space like you would a tent. The great thing about this type of camping is the price is a lot cheaper than an RV, there is no need to unpack the truck to set up camp, and there is no need to haul a camper or a 2nd vehicle. While you can truck cap camp in winter months in colder temperatures, it is advisable to insulate the truck cap to help keep yourself warm. There are a few things to consider before trying to camp out during cold weather with just a truck cap. You can read more about it in this article I wrote. What You Need To Know About Truck Cap Winter Camping.

Tent Camping

Camping in tents has been a camping practice for many years. But did you know people camp in tents during the winter months too? Two types of tents used for winter camping consist of the 4 season tent and the heavy-duty canvas tent. Canvas tents are more common when you are “hot tenting” during the winter months.
Hot Tenting is a term used for when you use a small wood stove inside your tent to stay warm. Things you need to consider if you plan on hot tenting is there is ample room for the stove and there is a fireproof opening for the hot flue pipe.
Make sure you pack correctly according to the weather and location that you plan on tenting.

Hammock Winter Camping

So you love hammock camping so much, you decide you want to try hammock camping in the winter. You need to be prepared for temperatures around freezing and below. You want to make sure you pack the right equipment to keep your backside warm all night. Having a good underquilt is a must-have. When properly prepared you can hammock camp overnight in sub-zero weather comfortably. You can read more about it in this article I wrote. What You Need To Know About Winter Hammock Camping.

Survival Snow Cave Camping

Snow cave camping is just that. You dig a hole into the side of a snowdrift and use the cave to block you from the wind. There are multiple ways you can survive comfortably with nothing but a subzero sleeping bag and a pile of snow. In severe instances, you don’t even need the sleeping bag. But that is more of an emergency survival situation.
If you do a lot of activities that place you away from nearby roads and houses, such as snowmobiling, cross country skiing. This style of winter camping is something that should be taught to everyone that is involved with winter activities. All it takes is a failed piece of equipment and you might find yourself spending the night deep in the woods in need of some sort of shelter from the wind.

No Matter Which One You Decide To Try

No matter which one you decide to try, there are some things you should know about winter camping overall. Here is a short post I wrote that covers some of the key things you need to consider before you head out. Basic things to consider before winter camping.